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Free menu Generator by Peptiline GmbH
Even without your DNA analysis, you get free access to our online portal. What does that mean for you?
Our online portal allows you to calculate the necessary, daily kcal free of charge to reach your desired weight.
In addition, after calculation of kcal, many recipes are made available for you to prepare with precisely explained ingredients.
You can create any number of menu plans for free, whether for breakfast, for lunch or for dinner.
Your weekly training and the kcal consumed as a result can also be recorded and automatically included in your general daily rate.
Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight, everything is created mechanically and individually for you with just one click.
You can also customize any of the proposed recipes by yourself or choose directly what you do not like or do not want to eat.
Before you log in, you will find a short video that will help you to get started on our portal.
As already mentioned, the online portal is free for everyone. However, if you have previously taken a DNA test, you will already get all the perfect scores that have been matched to your genes, and then you’ll just have to enter them. All recipes are created mechanically according to your genome and thus your success would be achieved many times faster.

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Smoothie to cleanse the colon and lose weight !!!

• 1 cup of water
• 1 tbsp yacon syrup or sugar beet syrup
• 1 tbsp chia seeds
• 1 tbsp flaxseed
• 1 apple
Let chia seeds soak in the water overnight, then mash the rest of the ingredients in the blender and drink instead of the breakfast. Best do so for a month.

– Tastes good – Keeps you satisfied – Cleanses and detoxifies the stomach – Improves digestion – Helps weight loss – Helps prevent heart disease.

Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH

Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH

Changes to the advantage !!!
Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH is an innovative European company, headquartered in Germany.
Based on its global experience and knowledge of peptides, the company has developed peptide complex technology and analysis methods and is researching their effectiveness in the application.

Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH has changed the logo.
The main message of the renewed logo is:
“We are moving towards a new stage of development”.
The new emblem undoubtedly symbolizes leadership ambitions and interests in achieving goals. However, this rebranding of Ideal Pharma Peptides does not end here. The plans include other news that will report on the company’s services and innovative products.

Familie im Herbst Gesundes Leben

Use your genetic strengths!!!

DNS analyzes
The genetic blueprint of your body determines how you use nutrients and that is critical to your health. Thanks to our genetic analysis, you can prevent more than 20 potential metabolic problems. Do you have the risk of having a specific disease?
Nutrigenetics helps you to avoid pathogenic nutrients and to favor health-promoting substances. We can also diagnose the limited detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides and solvents. A genetic analysis provides information about whether supposedly “healthy” substances are really accepted by your body.

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Here are a few tips from us

Well, that’s the first working morning for many! Who has had a difficult fight with sleep? And who could easily part with the pillow? Let’s talk about how to get up properly so that the whole day runs like a clockwork.
Here are a few tips from us:

1. To get up early you need to go to bed on time. A person needs at least 8 hours of sleep to feel good. If you have to get up at 6 am you should not go to bed later than 10 pm and if that is not enough, you should go to bed earlier.

2. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Water activates all processes in the body and helps you to wake up quickly and easily. Do not forget to put a glass of water next to the bed.

3. Get up and reflect on the pleasant moments of the coming day. This will help you to get fit quickly and achieve new achievements and goals.

And how do you wake up in the morning? Write your advice in the comments, they will come in handy.

Beautiful girls are proud to lose weight

Your desired weight easily achieved!!!

Body Shape
About 80 percent of the overweight is genetically determined. Some people are so inclined that they absorb fat too effectively, others only absorb the necessary amount from the intestine. The situation is similar with carbohydrates. The optimal amount of sport depends on the genes. Some lose weight quickly in regular sports, while others are stubbornly stuck.
Everyone has to regulate their weight individually. With our genetic analysis, we develop the weight loss program that suits you exactly. You can continue to eat what you like.

Messe CPhI Worldwide 2017

The World Exhibition CPhl 2017 is one of the most important events in the field of pharmacology. In 2017, it was held in Frankfurt am Main from October 24th to 26th.
Ideal Pharma Peptide presented its innovative product – the amino acid peptide complex IPH, developed in conjunction with WJAA.


New product coming

The results of the study by Prof. Khavinson, together with the patented technology of the laboratory of Dr. med. Gaetano Zannini (LGZ) to develop a product whose active ingredients are absorbed directly from the oral cavity. In contrast to other preparations, OROPEP’s products are completely free of coating, auxiliary substances and preservatives. They contain no alcohol and no genetically modified organism (GMO). This property is a condition for the bio-accessibility of the product, d. H. for the ability to pick up its ingredients directly in the oral cavity. It does not have to pass through the digestive system, which is optimal for the effect of the ingredients contained in the product.


In her recent interview, L. Goshko, who won first place in the IFBB European Bodybuilding & Fitness tournament in Spain, said that the peptide complex BCAA IPH-AGAA from Ideal Pharma played a special role in her training process. Its action is based on the union of BCAA amino acids with short peptide IPH-AGAA, which accelerates the metabolism in the muscles, promotes the growth of new muscle cells and increases the efficiency of BCAA.
Mrs. L. Goshko has used BCAA IPH-AGAA for years. In their opinion, peptide complex of the company Ideal Pharma was one of the factors of their victory. Currently, the athlete is preparing for the fall of 2018 and is in plans for 2017 – to become world champion.

Dr. Med. R. Roitman

Dr. Med. R. Roitman

Dr. Med. R. Roitman spoke about WHO Symposium

In Geneva, the international symposium on human longevity has ended. Representative of Ideal Pharma Peptide GmbH – Dr. Ing. Med. R. Roitman has shared his impressions of the event.

According to Dr. Med. Roitman, it is very good that the issues of human longevity are not just doctors and scientists, but also World Health Organization (WHO). The lifespan of modern humans has increased compared to the previous centuries. Nonetheless, such events as the symposium are significant and extremely important.

Dr. Med. Roitman was particularly impressed by Professor T. Lezhava’s presentation on epigenetics, as well as Professor V. Khavinson’s lecture on his development of short peptides. Dr. Med. Roitman also highlighted the prospect of short peptides and peptide complexes that have attracted scientists from around the world over the past 40 years.

Already, the peptides are used in many areas and products: medicine, cosmetics, sports nutrition, dietary supplements. Dr. Med. Roitman expressed the hope that in the near future, thanks to the peptides, scientists will be able to diagnose and treat the diseases at the earliest stages at the cellular level.