Life Quality

“What does life quality mean? This means proper and basic diet, the necessary ingredients for the body, which can hardly be found in the market at the moment, sports, timely analyzes. This is the system of life.
,,No hospital, no hospital will run after you. The best doctor for yourself, you are yourself. Everything comes from the person himself, if you have understood that, then it will pay off”.
Quote: Professor Vladimir Khavinson.

High quality product

We produce and distribute high-quality and high-performance products. To this end, we rely on over 40 years of research in the fight against aging. The result: different bioregulators (peptides). In close collaboration with Prof. Vladimir KH. Khavinson (Director at the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in St. Petersburg) has managed to develop and distribute high-quality and certified products. Only through Peptiline GmbH you get patented Khavinson peptides – products that are strictly produced according to Prof. Khavinson’s recipe.

Have a broad application

Health, healthy eating, building muscle with peptides. Thanks to today’s modern technology, peptides are already produced synthetically. Today, there are dozens of different peptide complexes.
“There is no stimulation or inhibition of the processes. These are natural substances, they do their work without disturbing the body. More than 15 million people have already been treated with this bioregulator, always with 100% positive feedback”.
Quote: Professor Vladimir Khavinson


We all want to grow up, but we still want to stay young …

We all want to grow up, but we still want to stay young …
That’s why we use anti-ageing creams, we eat a balanced diet, do mental exercises to boost brain power, and physical exercise to keep our body in shape. These are important, albeit superficial measures. If we really want to win the battle against ageing, we need to approach it at the cellular level and stop our genetic clock.

A new scientific discovery could allow us to do just that: It has decrypted the mechanism behind the body’s ageing process and can stop it altogether. This is a breakthrough in medical history, and one that will have a greater impact on our lives that any before it.

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