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DNA-Tests liefern wichtige Erkenntnisse zu genetischen Aspekten und bilden bereits seit vielen Jahren eine hilfreiche Grundlage für wissenschaftliche Bereiche wie die Kriminologie, Familienforschung sowie zur Klärung einer Vaterschaft.

Unser Ziel ist es, DNA-Analysen, das heißt die neueste Gentechnik, auch der breiteren Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Der Schwerpunkt wird vor allem auf den Bereichen Gesundheit und Medizin liegen.

Weight loss program

Body Shape

Beautiful girls are proud to lose weight

Genetically personalized weight loss program
Up to 2.5 times more success in slimming
• Analysis of 8 gene variations
• What contributes mainly to obesity, fat or carbohydrates?
• Genetically modified nutrition and sports programme
• Report with over 60 pages and 1000+ foods rated by genes
• Loss program with lifelong validity
• Plan your nutrition with the Shape Plus (Nutri + Body Shape) Portal

genes are the blueprint of our body and it is estimated that about 80% of obesity is genetically determined, i. e. it depends on our genes. Since each of us carries different genes in ourselves, this leads to the fact that some people absorb fat far too effectively due to unfavourable genes, while others only absorb the necessary amount of fat from the intestine, even if the amount of fat in the food is doubled.

Carbohydrates behave similarly. The optimal amount of sport also depends on the genes. Some people lose weight very quickly when exercising regularly, while others hardly notice any change with the same effort.
All these individual differences lie in the genes, which also explains why a person with a low-fat diet has great success and another person only loses weight through more exercise.
Which program is right for you?
You can find out which program is right for you by the new possibilities of human genetics. You will receive a list of more than 1000 foods that are adapted to your genes and will find out what you can eat without any problems and what you should avoid. So you can eat what you like!

scope of services
+ Analysis of the 8 relevant genes
+ Loss program adapted to your genes
+ More than 1000 foods rated according to their genes
+ Report with more than 60 pages
+ Free access to the Shape Plus (Nutri + Body Shape) portal
+ Recipe book available in addition to a small surcharge

Which questions can this analysis answer?
Your genetic predisposition to overweight! How strong is the yo-yo effect with you? Does fat and/or carbohydrates lead to excessive overweight? Do you store more fat around your organs? How intense is your feeling of hunger? How intense is your feeling of satiety? Do your genes make you eat particularly high-calorie foods? Do your genes make you eat several small snacks?
How effective is a calorie reduction for weight loss (less eating)? How much muscle mass do you lose due to a calorie reduction? What is the relationship between strength and endurance sports? What can you eat without problems and what should you avoid?

Slimming man abdomen with big pants over blue background.


Recipe book – Body Shape

Menu plans and recipes adapted to your genes!
The Body Shape allows you to lose weight easily with absolute flexibility. There is no nutritional plan with foods you don’t like.

If you are too complicated to compile your own nutritional plans, there is a recipe book for booklet C. You will receive more than 30 individual daily menu plans compiled according to your genes and a selection of great recipes that have been adapted to your genes.

Whether you want to lose weight or keep your weight, the recipe book makes it easy for you.

The prescription book – Body Shape can only be ordered in addition to the Body Shape Analysis, as this analysis determines your genetic metabolic profile. Based on this result, your genetically personalized recipe book can then be created for weight loss or weight retention.

scope of services
+ A recipe book with your name, adapted to your genes and printed for you
+ over 30 daily menu plans
+ over 100 genetically personalized recipes

Healthy eating

Nutri Shape

Familie im Herbst Gesundes LebenA nutrition plan as individual as you are

• Which foods are healthy for you?
• What foods should you avoid?
• Analysis of more than 50 nutritionally relevant genes
• Evaluation of more than 1000 foods according to their genes
• Determination of your individual micronutrient requirements
• Influence on over 20 metabolic problems
• A way to better health through appropriate nutrition

Genetic variations influence how your body reacts to certain nutrients and food ingredients and which substances it can properly convert and utilize. Since your nutrition plays a crucial role in your health, we can now analyze your genes and adapt your diet to prevent more than 20 potential metabolic problems. >.

Nutrigenetics is the field of nutritional genetics, i. e. the adaptation of nutrition based on genetic data. By analyzing more than 50 genetic variations, we get a lot of information about your inherent strengths and weaknesses.
For example, if a particularly high risk of a particular disease is identified, the diet is changed in such a way that all food ingredients that are conducive to the development of the disease are avoided and health-promoting substances are given preference.
The analysis can help to avoid poorly tolerated foods, diagnose restricted detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides and solvents, and provide your body with the most important nutrients.
A gene analysis even provides valuable information as to whether certain substances that are generally considered healthy for everyone can be metabolized by the body as generally assumed.

scope of services  
+ Analysis of more than 50 gene variations
+ Influence on 20+ metabolic problems
+ Evaluation of more than 1000 food products according to genes
+ Determination of your individual requirements for more than 20 vitamins and minerals
+ Nutritional plan with over 60 pages

What questions can this analysis answer? 
How can you improve your blood values through your diet? Is the body able to detoxify harmful substances sufficiently?
 How can you help your body to defend itself against free radicals? 
Is your typical calcium intake from food reduced? Which foods should you avoid due to possible poor tolerability? Which food ingredients should you avoid and which ones do you prefer?
What amount of more than 20 different vitamins and minerals do you need?

Nutrition and training

Power Shape

Group of happy women doing aerobicsNutrition and training optimized according to genes

• Analysis of more than 52 relevant gene variations
• Determination of genetic talent for weight training sports
• Determination of genetic talent for endurance sports
• Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max)
• Genetically modified nutritional programme for optimised energy balance
• Promoted detoxification ability of the body
• Preventing inflammatory reactions and injuries
• Optimum micronutrient supply
• Avoidance of badly tolerated foodstuffs
• Performance enhancement in competitive sport

Determined genetic variations control the structure of your body and therefore have a considerable influence on the strength and endurance performance of your muscle cells. Due to the genes, the cells of some genetic types are optimally suited to react quickly and produce high forces (large and thick cells), while other genetic types have muscle cells that are weaker and slower, but due to their size are better supplied with blood and are therefore optimally suited for endurance sports.

We know from scientific studies that an athlete has a 5 times higher chance of reaching an Olympic/WM level in the sport that is optimal for his genes than in a sport that is unsuitable for his genes. A genetic analysis enables you to determine your genetic talent for strength and endurance sports and, if necessary, to adapt your training or athletic orientation accordingly.
Your genes also control how your body absorbs and converts certain nutrients to maintain your health. There are differences in how the body absorbs calcium, how the body reacts to certain food ingredients to reduce performance, how the body detoxifies pollutants that reduce performance, and what micronutrients it needs to keep the joints healthy.
By analysing more than 52 genes, it is possible to identify metabolic deficits that can have an impact on health and athletic performance and to neutralise them as far as possible by means of genetically adapted sports nutrition.
Other genes can regulate the aggressiveness of the immune system. If these genes carry certain gene variations, you can make the immune system too aggressive, which then increasingly damages the tissue. The risk of tendon injury can also be increased by certain gene variations. Targeted precautions can minimize a genetically increased risk.
The sports nutrition program helps you make the most of your genetic strengths and weaknesses to achieve even better performance.

scope of services 
+ Sports nutrition plan with over 60 pages
+ Analysis of more than 52 gene variations
+ Analysis of the genetic talent of endurance and weight training
+ Influence on 20
+ metabolic problems
+ Rating of 1000
+ Food according to genetics
+ Determination of your individual requirements for more than 20 vitamins and minerals
+ Evaluation of unhealthy, performance-reducing food components


Free menu Generator by Peptiline GmbH

Group of happy women doing aerobics

Our online portal allows you to calculate the necessary, daily kcal free of charge to reach your desired weight.
In addition, after calculation of kcal, many recipes are made available for you to prepare with precisely explained ingredients.
You can create any number of menu plans for free, whether for breakfast, for lunch or for dinner.
Your weekly training and the kcal consumed as a result can also be recorded and automatically included in your general daily rate.
Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight, everything is created mechanically and individually for you with just one click.
You can also customize any of the proposed recipes by yourself or choose directly what you do not like or do not want to eat.
Before you log in, you will find a short video that will help you to get started on our portal.
As already mentioned, the online portal is free for everyone. However, if you have previously taken a DNA test, you will already get all the perfect scores that have been matched to your genes, and then you’ll just have to enter them. All recipes are created mechanically according to your genome and thus your success would be achieved many times faster.

Wie es funktioniert

DNA Labor

The laboratory  

Novogenia’s laboratory is one of the most modern and automated laboratories in Europe and has numerous certifications and quality assurance systems that meet or exceed international standards. Different business areas are different and certified according to the highest quality standards.

Execution of lifestyle gene analyses
Certified performance in our ISO 15189 laboratory

Carrying out medical gene analyses
Certified performance in an ISO 17025 laboratory

 Medical approval of the laboratory  
Approved by the Federal Ministry of Health Austria

 Company management and office  
Certified by ISO 9001


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