Life Energy Peptide Complex Set – LES: Stressfoll-60 + Livprotect-60.


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The powerful multi-peptide complex set – LES!
We have combined the individual components of the Khavinson-Peptides for you:

Our sets are available at a special price! These are up to 20% reduced, compared to the single products.

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It is generally known that the human body is a complex, interconnected bio-system in which all organ functions are linked together.
Therefore, we have been working on putting together complexes of peptide bioregulators to enable and facilitate an optimal overall supply of all biofunctions.
They are tailored to all conceivable needs of our customers and are tailored to the most diverse areas of the body.
We proudly present the result of this work to you now:

Stressfoll – Stressfoll® – Epitalon (pineal peptide) + brain peptide.
The pineal gland has to eliminate the effects of various external and internal factors that influence pathological changes in the brain structures. To improve the nervous system and increase the tone of the whole body. It is responsible for the manifestation of stress-protective measures and the elimination of changes in psycho-emotional status.

Livprotect – liver tissue peptide + thymus gland peptides.
developed to regulate the metabolism in cells and normalize the liver function. The liver performs more than 500 important functions in the body: regulating digestion, fighting infections, removing toxic substances, synthesizing bile, neutralizing various foreign substances, supplying the body with glucose, synthesizing hormones, etc.

Peptide Complex Set – LES! is specially designed to prevent these problems in their entirety and consists of
Stressfoll + Livprotect with 60 capsules each.

Before breakfast 2 capsules each of the multi-peptide complex Stressfoll and Livprotect. 

The capsule intake can also be divided as follows, if necessary:
1 capsule per product before breakfast and 1 capsule per product before lunch.

It is recommended to take the entire complex again after 3-4 months.

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