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Gene analysis by saliva sample.
A nutrition plan as individual as you are!!!
Nutri Shape answers all your questions about a healthy diet, tailored to your genes. In addition, you will receive for free a list of over 1,000 foods tailored to your genes.
You will receive a set for a sample of saliva. After submitting the application, a personal analysis will be provided as a PDF file.

delivery time: To Germany: 3-5 days; Europe: 5-15 days

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Genetic variations affect how your body reacts to certain nutrients and food ingredients and what substances it can properly metabolize and utilize. Since your diet is critical to your health, we can now analyze your genes and adjust your diet to prevent more than 20 potential metabolic problems. In addition, you will receive for free a list of over 1,000 foods adapted to your genes.
Familie im Herbst Gesundes LebenDescription:
• Analysis of 50+ gene variations;
• Influence on 20 metabolic problems;
• Rating of 1,000+ foods according to the genes;
• Identification of your individual need for 20+ vitamins and minerals;
• Nutritional plan of 60+ pages;
• Free access to Shape Plus (Nutri + Body Shape) portal.

Additional Information:
Three to five days after receipt of your order you will receive your kit with instructions that will help you to perform all necessary steps. After you have done everything, send this set, with sufficient franking, to the indicated address.. In two to seven weeks you will receive all the results by mail  in the form of a PDF.

1 review for Nutri Shape

  1. Johann

    Ich habe den DNS Test für mich und meine Frau bereits vor 3 Monaten gekauft. Ich kann nun für uns beide sprechen. Wir fühlen uns deutlich besser, es ist so einfach sich an diesen Plan zu halten, da alles bereits vorgegeben ist. Wir haben mittlerweile unsere Routine drin und behalten diese auch bei.

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