Peptide-complex-set- SPORT. 4 in 1 BCAA IPH-AGAA + Cartalax + Vesugen + Epitalon Spray.


639,96  / 100 g

The strong Peptide-complex-set!

We have combined the individual components of the Khavinson-Peptides® for you. We are pleased to present you the following four products in one set.

Epitalon Spray

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Peptide-complex-set- sport!

Since all organ functions are interrelated, it is recommended to take a complex of peptide bioregulators. Therefore, we have put together this bio-set with all peptide bioregulators belonging together for you. We can offer you this combination at a special price.

Peptide-complex-set- SPORT contains 4 products:
BCAA IPH-AGAA 300g, Cartalax 20 capsules, Vesugen 20 capsules and Epitalon spray.

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Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions17 × 13 × 10 cm

60 Capsule


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