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Gene analysis by saliva sample.
Shape Plus includes both Nutri Shape and Body Shape, including the individual food list.
In addition, you will receive for free a list of over 1,000 foods that are tailored for you, over 30 daily menu plans with over 100 genetically personalized recipes.
You will receive a set for a sample of saliva. After submitting the application, a personal analysis will be provided as a PDF file and for an additional fee you will receive a book with recipes in the form of a PDF or a kind of booklet.

delivery time: To Germany: 3-5 days; Europe: 5-15 days

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Scope (Shape Plus):
• Analysis of 50+ gene variations;
• Influence on 20+ metabolic problems;
• Identification of your individual need for 20+ vitamins and minerals;
• Nutritional plan of 60+ pages;
• Analysis of eight relevant genes;
• Weight loss program adapted to your genes;
• 1,000+ foods rated according to your genes;
• Report of 60+ pages;
• Free access to Shape Plus (Nutri + Body Shape) portal;
• A recipe book additionally available for a small extra charge.

Group of happy women doing aerobicsAdditional scope of services (recipe book as PDF + 21,00 €, printed as a book + 21,60 €):
+ a recipe book adapted to your genes and printed for you with your name
+ over 30 day menu plans
+ over 100 genetically personalized recipes

Additional Information:
Three to five days after receipt of your order, you will receive your kit with instructions that will help you complete all necessary steps. After you have done everything, send this set, with sufficient franking, to the indicated address.. In two to seven weeks you will be given a personal analysis in the form of a PDF file. For an extra fee, you will receive a book with recipes in the form of a PDF or a kind of booklet and a personal login to our portal, where you can also see all your analyzes.

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Without prescription book, With recipe book as PDF, With receipt book as book & PDF


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